freejokerpokerslots| In April, the scale of bank financial management increased by more than 2 trillion yuan, the issuance of rights-bearing products accelerated and the explosion of money reappeared

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Securities Times reporter Xie Zhongxiang and Liu Xiaoyou

In the context of the continuous decline in the benchmark interest rate, the number of bank wealth management products issued has increased instead of falling, especially since April, the scale of wealth management products has also shown a super-seasonal growth.

On May 15, the data obtained exclusively by a reporter from the Securities Times showed that 11 institutions, including 5 state-owned bank financial companies (except China Post) and 6 joint-stock bank financial companies, increased their financial management scale by about 2% in April.Freejokerpokerslots.02 trillion yuan, reversing the downward trend in March.

Rebounded by more than 2 trillion yuan a month

Summary data show that the above 11 institutions, namely, China Banking, Xingyin Financial, Xinyin Financial, Everbright Financial, Pudong Development Financial, Ping an Financial Management, and five state-owned bank financial companies, such as ICBC Financial Management, Bank of China Financial Management, Agricultural Bank of China Financial Management, Jianxin Financial Management, and Bank of Communications Financial Management, the total financial scale at the end of April was 18.Freejokerpokerslots.7 trillion yuan, an increase of about 2.02 trillion yuan over the previous month, an increase of 12.1 percent over the previous month, and an increase of about 9.5 percent over the beginning of the year.

Since May, the product scale of bank wealth management companies has continued to grow. As of May 12, the total product size of wealth management companies reached 24.81 trillion yuan, up 1.6 percent from the previous week, according to Puyi standard data. Among them, the state-owned bank financial management company rebounded the largest and grew the fastest, with a weekly increase of about 215.5 billion yuan and 2.36% respectively, while the data of joint-stock bank financial companies were about 168.2 billion yuan and 1.37% respectively.

In terms of product shelves, the types of products with the largest growth of the above 11 wealth management companies in April are still fixed income products, with a total increase of about 2.01 trillion yuan a month, which is also the main factor contributing to the significant increase in the overall size of financial management companies. In terms of product form, cash management products restored the net inflow of funds, with a monthly growth of about 820 billion yuan, while open and closed net worth products increased by about 260 billion yuan and 210 billion yuan respectively.

The "return of the King" of the Bank of China Financial Management

According to the data obtained by the reporter of the Securities Times, the product scale of state-owned bank financial companies grew significantly faster than that of joint-stock bank financial companies in April. Among them, the monthly growth of ICBC Financial Management and Agricultural Bank of China Financial Management is more than 300 billion yuan, while that of Jianxin Financial Management and Bank of China Financial Management is also more than 200 billion yuan. These comparable values are obviously higher than those of the six joint-stock bank financial companies.

A noteworthy trend is that bank wealth management companies continue to develop consignment channels for other banks in terms of promoting sales scale. The degree of dependence of the joint-stock bank financial management company on the parent bank has further decreased, the proportion of products sold by non-parent bank is further increasing, while the head state-owned bank financial management company is still relatively dependent on the parent bank channel.

Compared with the beginning of the year, Ping an Financial Management, Pudong Bank Financial Management, Everbright Financial Management and Bank of Communications financing and other institutions of non-parent bank channel product scale, the proportion of further increased. Among them, the proportion of non-parent channel products of BoCom has exceeded 50%, while that of Ping an and Everbright has also exceeded 40%. For state-owned financial companies, the proportion of non-parent channel products is still generally less than 10%.

Reappearance of popular style of products with rights

Since the beginning of this year, the bond market has continued to "ride a bull", the stock market has also picked up somewhat, and the yield of financial products with rights has gradually rebounded. In this context, the bank wealth management market in April began to focus on proprietary products, and the issuance of equity and mixed products accelerated significantly.

According to statistics from China Financial Management Network, in January and February this year, a total of 18 equity, mixed, commodity and derivative products were issued in the bank wealth management market, while 15 and 21 products were issued in March and April respectively. Issuers include Agricultural Bank of China Financial Management, Bank of China Financial Management, China Everbright Financial Management, Ping an Financial Management, Xingyin Financial Management, Hangzhou Bank Financial Management, people's livelihood Financial Management, and so on.

It is worth mentioning that in April, some mixed products completed a high amount of initial public offering, becoming popular products. For example, the brainstorming value of the CMB financial management issue held mixed products for one year, and it was launched on April 10. The amount of money raised in the first week exceeded 2 billion yuan, and the number of buyers was about 11000. According to the information learned by a reporter from the Securities Times from China Merchants Bank, at present, the total scale of ownership products of China Banking has exceeded 200 billion yuan, and as a mixed type of financial products with partial debt, the selected value of attracting intelligence has been held for one year since its establishment on April 17. the scale exceeded 3 billion yuan in less than a month.

Industry calls for broadening sales channels

freejokerpokerslots| In April, the scale of bank financial management increased by more than 2 trillion yuan, the issuance of rights-bearing products accelerated and the explosion of money reappeared

Recently, Pu Yanjie, chief equity investment officer of Xingyin Financial Management, revealed that the company has actively laid out the weighted financial products with rights. Since last year, it has successively laid out the weighted financial products of stock direct investment, dividend, Hong Kong stocks, gold, fixed addition and market neutrality, all of which have achieved better absolute returns and certain relative returns.

"FreejokerpokerslotsThe equity assets we invest in mainly include stocks, public funds and commodities. For stocks, if the investment logic is fulfilled and the valuation is expensive, we will stop making profits in stages; for active public offering funds, it mainly depends on the realization of expected returns, while passive funds depend on the fund managers' views on the relevant assets; commodity prices are more difficult to judge, and we are all decided by experienced investment managers. " Pu Yanjie said.

At a time when financial products with rights have been paid more attention, many people in the industry have called for the expansion of sales channels, such as brokerages and the Internet, so that the products can reach more young customers. At the same time, the sales of authorized financial products are faced with difficulties such as customer awareness and risk assessment restrictions. Financial companies should focus on investors' holding experience and carry out more services and innovative mechanisms, such as booking, regular payment, target profit, following investment, etc., so that authorized financial products have the function of stopping profit and loss, so as to attract more potential customers.