andrewhejeopardy| Wang Zhongmin: The fund industry is the promoter of the generation, application and empowerment of IP

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thematicandrewhejeopardy: 2024 Fund High-Quality Development Conference: Hundreds of big names gathered to discuss new investment opportunities

May 18andrewhejeopardy, Sina Finance 2024 Fund High-Quality Development Conference grandly kicks off! Regulators, top-class economists, more than 20 public fund leaders, nearly 100 fund managers, and nearly 30 popular financial and financial celebrities gathered in Pengcheng to talk about the development of the fund industry and new opportunities for fund investment!

The theme of this fund's high-quality development conference is "Helping new quality productivity to work together for high-quality development." Under the guidance of the "Nine Principles of New China", the capital market has become a key platform for corporate financing and promoting economic transformation, while new productivity is the core driving force for the economy to develop towards high-quality, efficient, fair, sustainable and safe. At this event, Dou Yuming, Wang Fan, Qi Bin, Wang Yiping and other asset management industry leaders; Liu Yuhui and other top economists; Guo Lei, Liu Chenming and other seller research leaders; Liang Xing, Wang Qunhang, Li Wenliang and other investment research celebrities came to the site, and hundreds of important guests gathered to witness the industry honors, discuss future investment trends, and ponder how to help new quality productivity!

andrewhejeopardy| Wang Zhongmin: The fund industry is the promoter of the generation, application and empowerment of IP

Wang Zhongmin, chairman of the Shenzhen Institute of Financial Stability and Development and former vice chairman of the National Social Security Fund Council, attended the conference and delivered a speech saying that when the AI era comes, there is no IP and no entrepreneurship. IP is becoming the last straw for a person, industry, and company. When Jia Yueting finally had no choice, he used his personal IP to raise funds for the last time to bring him back to life. If we generalize today's phenomenon to all fund industries and securities industries, our past IP in the investment field is bringing negative traffic based on industrialization, manufacturing, and traditional IP, while AI-based and digitalization are the most important logic for the securities industry, the fund industry, especially listed and unlisted companies, to save costs and gain benefits.

This description just gives everyone an impression that entering the AI era, the production process in the field of consumer goods, raw products, bulk commodities, social art, and cultural products, so that enterprises must start from no straw to the last straw., is IP. The fund industry is certainly the promoter of the generation, application and empowerment of IP.

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