mosstechfreespins| LeTV employees shouted Jia Yueting: We miss you and hope to see you one day

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LeEco employees shouted Jia Yueting:mosstechfreespinsWe miss you and hope to see you one day

[CNMO Technology News] Recently, LeTV employees shouted in a video to Jia Yueting,"We miss you."

Some employees laughed and said,"I'm proud now. Everyone envies LeTV. There is no 996 and no internals." Some employees said regretfully,"After he (Jia Yueting) leaves, the product may not be as subverted as in the past, and there may be some psychological slight gaps."

Some employees choked up and said,"I hope I can see him one day. The moment I see him, all the grievances in my heart may be released." Look, we are still holding on, and we are still working very hard to make this company better. We are the people you can trust. We don't want to get anything from President Jia, just think that one day we can just talk about this."

On May 15, LeTV Video's official Weibo post said that it had heard that Jia Yueting planned to commercialize personal IP, repay debts, build cars, and return to China, helping Chinese companies 'products and brands go to sea, and helping stimulate external demand. We are very excited and supportive. Jia Yueting is the founder and soul of LeTV and LeTV. LeTV Super TV can be an important part of Jia Yueting's IP commercialization. I believe that with Jia Yueting's help, LeTV can significantly increase sales. We also hope that Jia Yueting can use his disruptive product innovation capabilities and technological change capabilities to help LeTV create transformative next-generation smart products.

In response, Jia Yueting released a video saying that LeEco Super TV is willing to become an important partner in FF's personal IP commercialization. The two sides will work together to create the next generation of products, jointly promote the transformation and development of the industry, help LeEco Super TV return to its peak, and at the same time achieve brand Going to sea and products going to sea.

mosstechfreespins| LeTV employees shouted Jia Yueting: We miss you and hope to see you one day

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