freevideopokergameking| A-shares are now "God's prediction" again? Pull the daily limit on time!

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TodayFreevideopokergamekingThe overall low opening and concussion of A shares was sorted out, and the turnover between the two cities shrank nearly 200 billion yuan compared with yesterday. On the disk, composite copper foil, glass substrate, pork, AI mobile phone PC and other plates led the rise, while non-ferrous, gold, disperse dyes, large aircraft and other plates led the decline.

Real-time monitoring data from Wande show that the banking industry received a net inflow of more than 2.2 billion yuan of main funds today, while real estate and electronics received a net inflow of more than 1 billion yuan.FreevideopokergamekingIn addition, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, food and beverage, trade and retail received net inflows of main funds for four consecutive days. The net outflow of the main capital of non-ferrous metals exceeded 4.8 billion yuan, and the net outflow of power equipment, medicine and biology, national defense and military industry, and basic chemical industry exceeded 1 billion yuan.

As for the future, according to the latest research report from Goldman Sachs, the MSCI China index has rebounded 31% since its low in late January and has risen 19% in the past month, outperforming most developed and emerging markets. The main factors driving the rally include the resilience of the economy and macro policy support in the housing and capital markets. Raise the 12-month target of the MSCI China Index from 60 to 70 and the CSI 300 from 3900 to 4100, maintaining an "overweight" rating on mainland A shares.

Hualong Securities believes that the market evolves around excellent performance and policy catalysis. The direction of high bonus and excellent performance is still an important direction of market concern; policy catalysis is carried out around the direction of "large-scale equipment renewal in the industrial field, trade-in of consumer goods and development of new-quality productive forces", and the optimization and upgrading of real estate policies, it also drives the real estate chain to attract market attention. Low valuation of the sector where performance is expected to improve has become one of the directions of market attention.

In terms of hot spots, Nanjing Chemical Fiber (600889), which was yesterday's "Tiandi Board", once again walked out of the extreme market of "Tiantian Board" today, opening with a falling limit in the morning, and then quickly pulled up to about 5%, but the strength only lasted less than half an hour. the stock price fell step by step again, falling nearly 5% at one point, nearing the close, and the bulls once again pulled up the limit in a straight line. The whole-day turnover is 7.Freevideopokergameking.59 billion yuan, with 114 million shares traded, with a turnover rate of 31.07%, all of which reached an all-time high since listing.

The most shocking thing about Nanjing Chemical Fiber is that yesterday, someone accurately predicted that the stock price would fluctuate violently more than 40 minutes in advance. At noon today, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a notice that it has paid attention to the relevant network information about the stock price trend on May 20, and immediately launched the transaction verification, and the corresponding measures will be taken in time according to the verification results. The Shanghai Stock Exchange reminds investors to pay attention to investment risks and comply with the rules and regulations of prudent trading.

Surprisingly, today's online reappearance of God's prediction, 12 noonFreevideopokergamekingA netizen named "Guoer won't speculate in stocks" said, "I am Zhuang's 01:20 limit" at the Zhongtong bus (000957) stock bar.

By the close of trading at noon, Tong bus was only up 2.96%, and its share price began to rise in a straight line at the beginning of trading in the afternoon, and by 1:20 in the afternoon, the share price was closed by the daily limit.

freevideopokergameking| A-shares are now "God's prediction" again? Pull the daily limit on time!

The first quarterly report of ideal car also attracted the attention of the market. In the first quarter of 2024, the total operating income was 25.6 billion yuan, an increase of 36.4% over the same period last year. The net profit was 591 million yuan, down 36.7% from the same period last year, and the overall performance fell short of expectations.

For the second quarter of this year, ideal Motor's performance guidance is that revenue is expected to be 29.9 billion yuan to 31.4 billion yuan, and delivery volume is expected to be 105000 to 110000 vehicles, far below the market's previous forecast of 130700 vehicles delivered in the second quarter.

Affected by this, the u.s. stock of ideal automobile sharply reduced its volume and opened low last night, with its share price falling as low as more than 16%, a 16-month low, and falling 53% since march. Ideal auto Hong Kong stocks followed the decline today, falling nearly 20% in intraday trading, a new low in more than a year, and the share price has also halved in the past two months.

Driven by the collapse of ideal cars, the concept of new energy vehicles in Hong Kong stocks plummeted across the board today. The Hang Seng Automobile theme Index fell nearly 5%, ranking first among all industry sectors. The share prices of Xiaopeng Motor, Ulay and BYD all weakened sharply.

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