mobilegamecrypto| Critical moment! Crises and bull markets will alternate

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recentlymobilegamecrypto, an A-share investor expressed his emotion after 17 years of market turmoil. He reviewed various crises in the past, including the 2008 bear market, the 2009 U.S. financial crisis, the 2015 stock market crash, etc., but he believed that the fewer investors and the more pessimistic investors are, the greater the opportunities. He pointed out that things often happen when many people don't trust her.

He gave examples of market rebound and recovery after previous crises and emphasized the importance of surviving. He believes that historical experience tells us that crises and bull markets will continue to alternate, and investors will repeatedly take short positions and chase high. He said that investment is not smooth sailing, and the key is to survive. After expressing his emotions on the high-speed rail, he will hold a live discussion, calling on everyone to overcome cycle and humanity and firmly hold beliefs at this critical moment.

mobilegamecrypto| Critical moment! Crises and bull markets will alternate

Keywords crisis, epidemic, investors are bullish and bearish (bullish) Historical experience shows that a place with fewer investors, the safer it is, and opportunities often arise when most people do not trust it. In this world, there is never a hurdle that cannot be overcome! Risk warning for Hexun's self-selected stock writers: The above content is only the author's or guest's opinion, does not represent any position of Hexun, and does not constitute any investment advice related to Hexun. Before making any investment decision, investors should consider the risk factors related to investment products based on their own circumstances and consult professional investment advisers when necessary. Hexun strives but cannot confirm the authenticity, accuracy and originality of the above content, and Hexun makes no guarantee or commitment in this regard.

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