web3ingaming| Big news for Xiaomi Automobile! Beijing factory production time will double, aiming to deliver 100,000 vehicles

When the owner of Xiaomi SU7 is mentioned, there may be hope to bring up the car earlier.Web3ingamingYes.

On May 15, Xiaomi announced on Weibo that it had completed the delivery of the 10000th Xiaomi SU7. The company said it would guarantee the delivery of 100000 vehicles this year.

Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Xiaomi Group, also posted that we have delivered 10000 cars in 43 days since the first delivery on April 3. This is a major milestone for Xiaomi. Xiaomi is continuing to expand its capacity to ensure delivery of 100000 vehicles this year.

Achieving the target of 100000 vehicles for the whole year means that Xiaomi cars will need to be produced and delivered at a faster speed in the coming time. This will be a severe test for Xiaomi's production line, supply chain and after-sales service.

In fact, in the face of huge orders, how to deliver has always been an important issue for Xiaomi. From the current point of view, Xiaomi multi-yuan production road, is speeding up. Some people in the automobile industry believe that this means that Xiaomi cars have climbed through the initial production capacity and entered the stage of overall capacity increase.

First, the Xiaomi car factory has increased its production capacity to nearly 20,000 vehicles a month.

Earlier, there had been photos of data submitted by Xiaomi's internal production line, which showed that Xiaomi planned to produce 280 cars a day, based on which the market calculated that it should not be a problem to deliver 8,000, 000 cars in the next month.

web3ingaming| Big news for Xiaomi Automobile! Beijing factory production time will double, aiming to deliver 100,000 vehicles

However, this still poses a constraint on delivery. This afternoon, the media revealed that Xiaomi's Beijing factory plans to start a "two-shift model" in June, increasing its daily production time from 8 hours to 16 hours. A reporter from company e also confirmed the news from people close to Xiaomi. However, whether from June, the person did not give a clear response.

Lei Jun, chairman of Xiaomi Group, has said that the Xiaomi car factory can produce 40 Xiaomi SU7 per hour, and one new car can come off the line every 76 seconds. According to this calculation, after the start of double-shift production, its full monthly production capacity is expected to increase to nearly 20000 vehicles.

At the same time, according to the previous plan, the second phase of the Xiaomi plant will start in 2024 and be completed in 2025. The Fangxindian village area where the second phase of Xiaomi Automobile Factory is located has entered the stage of demolition.

It is reported that Xiaomi Automobile Phase II plant is located in Fangxindian Village and Xiaozhangwan Village of Yizhuang New City, with an annual planned production capacity of 150000 vehicles. If it is put into production smoothly, it will make the delivery of Xiaomi car go hand in hand.

The reporter recently visited the camp and saw that signs such as the "retreat area" in Fangxindian Village have been set up, and excavators have been parked on some wasteland. However, some people in the industry believe that the progress of the second phase of the plant depends to a large extent on the support from external factors.

In addition to the first two roads, the market has also expected that Xiaomi cars will not rule out the possibility of borrowing capacity. At present, Xiaomi has not responded to this.

Although Xiaomi car sales are hot, but the delivery cycle has been a big test. The latest data show that Xiaomi SU7 Standard Edition is expected to be delivered in 32 weeks after locking the order, 30mi SU7 Pro is expected to be delivered in 33 weeks after Xiaomi SU7 Pro locks the order, and Xiaomi SU7 Max is expected to deliver in 36 weeks after locking the order.

But expanding production of Xiaomi cars is not just a matter for the company itself. The reporter also got news from the supply chain today that Xiaomi is actively working closely with upstream suppliers to seek to significantly increase the supply of spare parts to cope with the fast-growing market demand.

Some people in the supply chain have revealed to the media that Xiaomi SU7 has greatly increased the proportion of increasing orders, with one category of parts increasing from about 10, 000 sets per month to the most recent 1.Web3ingaming.80,000 sets +.

The basis of continuous power at both ends of supply and demand is quality. At present, this problem has increasingly become a more important hurdle in front of Xiaomi cars.

More than 40 days after the official delivery, the car failure encountered by the car owner sent Xiaomi SU7 to hot search. Car owners in places such as Fujian and Hunan have been exposed to failures, and waiting in line for new cars has also become their choice.

In response, Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, has responded that the cause of the brake failure is the misidentification of the software, which has been repaired, and that the Xiaomi car can support the user's request for return or replacement.

Before that, Lei Jun also said that Xiaomi was particularly hot, and the big problem would be looked at by everyone with a magnifying glass 10,000 times, so he felt that the pressure was particularly great, so please understand.

In the supply side of the continuous increase at the same time, Xiaomi also continued the output of the consumer side.

Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of Xiaomi Group, will take part in a face-to-face chat with Xiaomi SU7 driving experience at Xiaomi Automobile Factory on May 17. According to the poster. This rice noodle factory guild is a fresh start.