tonygpoker| Once again, we are competing at the top of the capital, and the third phase of the National Security Bureau's "Guanxi" is coming.

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Looking back on the property market in Beijing in 2023TonygpokerThe performance of inner city housing is eye-catchingTonygpokerAmong them, Guoan House, which is located in the second Ring Road of Xicheng City, is particularly prominent. With a transaction value of 14.6 billion yuan, it won the top spot for a single project in Beijing's property market that year, and the "second Ring Road phenomenon" lived up to the high expectations of the market.

With the return of honor in 2024, the third phase of Guoan House finally welcomed into the market, and the King of buildings announced that 99 hereditary mansions once again competed for the top of the purple ban and won the peak of human settlements in the national capital.

As a collection of Lou Wang, which has been ploughed for many years, it is not only the end of the project, but also the finale of the inner city of the second Ring Road. Guoan House, in the name of Tibet, inherits the ancient and modern, Chinese and Western treasures, and officially opens the value of the collection in the era of collection.

Hidden in the heart of a great country, the door emblem is a meaningful classic.

Because it is rare, it can be called "Tibet". A city, the heart is supreme, the inner city is rare, for Beijing, the prime location of attention, there is no doubt that the inner city second ring. The splendor of the city has been built for more than 3000 years, and the epic of building the capital has witnessedTonygpokerWith the rise and fall of the ancient capitals of Yan, Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, the world heritage and grand ancient buildings stand here, which can be called the "civilization center" of world history.

Guoan Fu Lou is located at the main table in the inner city, looking at the Forbidden City, and the Forbidden City has been towering and resplendent for 600 years, reaching the National Grand Theater and the Great Hall of the people. Today, the "functional core area of the capital" is a magnificent place carrying royal wealth, and it is also the hinterland of the capital that influences the world from a Chinese perspective. In the center of the capital, deep into history and land, it is hard to find a brand-new mansion here.

Tibet continues to spread the humanities, and the government looks at the world momentum.

"only the king city is the most concealed, with ten thousand people hiding like the sea." The works written by Su Shi, a great writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, not only conveyTonygpokerHis seclusion attitude has also become the way of life of dignitaries and scholars through the ages. In the prosperous places of the city, it is more suitable for seclusion, and can quickly grasp the dynamics of the world and connect with world life.

tonygpoker| Once again, we are competing at the top of the capital, and the third phase of the National Security Bureau's "Guanxi" is coming.

Guoan House is hidden on the side of Xuanwu on the second Ring Road, today's functional core area of the capital, its resources are concentrated, and it is difficult to place the supporting intensity in the whole city. This is the place where the context has been passed on for thousands of years, and it is adjacent to Liulichang Cultural Street in the east. It is known as "CBD in Ancient China". Chemical, commercial? Hua, Guild Hall? Hua, pear orchard? Culture, media culture, and the essence of the capital's humanities have flourished so far. Here is the root of a big country with global contacts, close to Chang'an Street, with access to the four-track network, close to Financial Street, major ministries and commissions, the headquarters of state-owned enterprises, the world's top 500 gathering, Qianmen, Dashan, Xidan business district, Taoran Pavilion, Tiantan Park, Beijing Experimental Primary School, second Primary School, Beijing Primary School, normal University affiliated Middle School and many other famous schools.

Hiding the assets of the state house, the king of buildings began to write a new preface.

When the value of land is unshakable, how to shape more suitable human settlement products and way of life above the center of the city? Guoan House 460000 Pingguodu hinterland city renewal model, the forward-looking concept of the new inner city, to the appearance of the king of buildings, generations of people occupy a new high, to create a collection that is difficult to reproduce.

Following the concept of "cultural inheritance, blending of China and the West", the planning emphasizes the protection, activation and utilization of historical relics, centering on Zhu Yizun's former residence, returning to the Chinese-style enclosed courtyard layout, and imitating the residence regulation of Prince Gong’s Mansion "Qianfu Houyuan". Create a landscape pattern of one garden, one house and one former residence, three ritual systems, and seven gardens

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