ozwincasinonodepositbonuscodes| What makes left-behind children in this mountain village exceed 86% of international children of the same age?

Special topic: sunshine starting point: the launching ceremony of the guidance action plan for the upbringing of 100,000 infants in rural areas.

The launching ceremony of "Sunshine starting Point: 100,000 Rural Infant rearing guidance Action Plan" was held in Beijing on May 15. About 200 guests from the government, universities, international organizations, research institutions and other departments will attend the launching ceremony. The Sunshine starting Point Plan is a large-scale upgrade and expansion of the Huiyu China project.OzwincasinonodepositbonuscodesWill have a greater social and policy impact.

At the meetingOzwincasinonodepositbonuscodesWang Xinrui, a beneficiary child from Qixingguan District of Bijie City, 2,000 kilometers away, became the focus of the audience.

The following video is the story of Wang Xinrui:

In Bijie, Guizhou, more than 1/3 parents of children go out to work all the year round. In 2017, the China Development Research Foundation launched a social experiment in Dayin Town, Qixingguan District, Bijie City. "Huiyu China: village-to-Home early Education Program" has brought a set of scientific and systematic early childhood development programs to families of 0-3-year-old children.

Starting from the age of 6 months, Wang Xinrui received a weekly home visit by Huiyu China. The baby counselors of the Huiyu China project visit home every week with picture books and toys suitable for children of different ages, providing them with not only continuous companionship, but also a scientific concept of education. After more than 100 home visits, Wang Xinrui's level of development has exceeded 86% of international children of the same age.

In Dayin Town, more than 700 children like Wang Xinrui have accepted the Huiyu China program. More than 50 baby-care counselors walk in the mountains every day, and through their actions, the rate of local children's stunting has been reduced to 13.Ozwincasinonodepositbonuscodes.3%, which is 1% lower than the international averageOzwincasinonodepositbonuscodes.6 percentage points.

Today, 4-year-old Wang Xinrui came to Beijing to issue a certificate for the "personal sponsor" of the Sunshine starting Point Project, while Zhu Min, a famous economist who received the certificate, held her high. It is reported that there are 80 "individual sponsors" of the program, each of whom has donated at least 30,000 yuan to support the cost of one-year early education for 10 children.

Starting from Bijie, a short trip to Beijing will certainly let Wang Xinrui appreciate the vastness of the world, plant a seed of hope in her heart, and then stubbornly take root, sprout, and grow wantonly.

The ambition of the Sunshine starting Point Project is to help 100,000 "Wang Xinrui", yes-- 100,000.

ozwincasinonodepositbonuscodes| What makes left-behind children in this mountain village exceed 86% of international children of the same age?

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