deadpoolpinball| Two ECB officials spoke: The time is ripe to cut interest rates in June! Be wary of blocking euro rebound

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Huitong Financial APP-European Central Bank Executive Committee Sipolon said on Sunday that the time is ripe for the European Central Bank to cut interest rates in June, echoing comments made by European Central Bank Executive Committee Panetta a day ago.

"I expect the ECB to cut interest rates at its next meeting, and then we will have to discuss and look at economic data to decide what to do next," Sipolon said.

"Recent data has strengthened our confidence that we will be able to reduce the restrictive stance of monetary policy," Sipolon said.

At 20:15 Beijing time on June 6, the European Central Bank will hold an interest rate decision, and the market generally expects a rate cut.

Most officials have remained silent about what will happen next, although hawkish policymakers, including Nagel and Schnabel, have saiddeadpoolpinballThey do not want to act again in July.

Cipolon's remarks echoed those made by Italian central bank governor Panetta during a meeting of G7 finance ministers and central bank governors in Stresa on Saturday. Panetta said at the time that the European Central Bank had conditions to change monetary policy at its June 6 meeting.

"Our slogan is to make decisions meeting at a time, but I do believe the consensus has widened and even those with more doubts are starting to shift their tune and agree on a rate cut," Panetta said.

Consistent with broader eurozone data, three of the eurozone's four largest economies are expected to perform poorly in data released on Wednesday. Only Italy saw price growth slowing.

Such results have hindered the ECB's progress towards reaching its 2% target, but officials 'consistent signal of a 25 basis point rate cut on June 6 suggests that a month's data is unlikely to lead them away from the target.

Even so, some policymakers oppose the rush to further relax monetary policy.

Policy hawk Joachim Nagel, president of the Bundesbank, said on Friday: "The probability of a first rate cut in 13 days is increasing. Whether the European Central Bank will cut interest rates in June, we have to wait, and I believe we may have to wait until September to cut interest rates."

Based on the above news, we can see that many ECB officials currently believe that the conditions for interest rate cuts in June are ripe, which may limit the rebound of the euro. Investors need to pay attention to this.

deadpoolpinball| Two ECB officials spoke: The time is ripe to cut interest rates in June! Be wary of blocking euro rebound

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